Timetable Thursday – Dundee 15/17 (Whitfield – City Centre – Ninewells)

Timetable Thursday –  a new feature where I pick a timetable with a few after It… for a wee look back at then and now. First Week 15/17 November 1994 (and four more thereafter) *should have been last week but something else cropped up and I ran out of time* This came about after I… Continue reading Timetable Thursday – Dundee 15/17 (Whitfield – City Centre – Ninewells)

Suzy’s Old Timetable Archive News

It’s been a wee while since I have done an update about the Archive Timetables, but there is a lot to say.  As of this week (well yesterday once getting all server settings up) I now have a webpage for the Archive at http://suzysoldtimetables.co.uk/ as well as a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Suzys-Old-Timetable-Archive-108509935180252 (Twitter to follow once… Continue reading Suzy’s Old Timetable Archive News

Previous Updates (before April 2022)

Timetable Archive (now expanding) Welcome To Suzy’s / Dundee Buses Timetable Archive… information as at 27/04/2021 As well containing every timetable since DundeeBuses.info started in 2009, there are also;1. Some of the Techpark stuff (for the Dundee Technology Park predecessor to this site) between 2002 and 2009.2. The predecessor to Techpark was a DundeeBuses that… Continue reading Previous Updates (before April 2022)