Suzys Wednesday Archive Teaser

Started this on NESBUS and DABF last week – extending here

Suzys Wednesday Archive Teaser

While Park & Ride bus (and Subway) services operate in the other three big cities in Scotland, there has never been a permanent Park & Ride in Dundee.

What were the three occasions when there was one?

(Open until end of tonight – will post answers tomorrow)

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  1. (As I put up in the Facebook group “Actually M In The Park/One Big Weekend was part of a city centre service (as was the subsequent Carnival 56) so don’t qualify – and Carnoustie/St Andrews Golf park and rides did not come into the City Centre
    To give you a hint, last one of the three was 2001. Only one requried two operators with the other two one operators depot”)

    Park & Ride W&P (World Environmental Day) – this was a one off freebie service one summer early 1990s. This was one day midweek only so patronage was not as well had it been done for a week. Strathtay used two Darts 306/307 – and Tayside used their two Darts – 108/109. It was not repeated, unless you anyone else knows otherwise…

    Park & Ride Dock St Depot (Christmas Shopping) to/from Commercial Street at least one year – a Dodge S56 (201) had white/black side – minibus used effectively followed the Mail bus route, While a bus was used as a waiting room. Incidentally while Perth Park & Ride was susbidised with free bus and free parking six days a week, the Dundee one was commercial – hence a small fare (£1 I think).

    Park & Ride Dock St Depot (Tall Ships Race 2001) – to/from Discovery Point but I have no other information other than seeing a registration copy.

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