Timetable Thursday – Dundee 15/17 (Whitfield – City Centre – Ninewells)

Timetable Thursday –  a new feature where I pick a timetable with a few after It… for a wee look back at then and now.

First Week 15/17 November 1994 (and four more thereafter) *should have been last week but something else cropped up and I ran out of time* This came about after I saw the November 1994 edition on sale with Robert Forsythe on eBay, coming with some others (all bar one I needed to help fill in the gaps). I was missing the July 1993 piles from all Tails former collection alongside the other ones. Of course I had these in heaps years ago, but sadly buying back bits to help fill gaps is actually helping me relive my youth 🙂

This is a route I used when living in Mid Craigie, Linlathen and Menzieshill. Service linked Whitfield, City Centre with every other one continuing to Ninewells Hospital.

In 1993 the service was split from the 3/4 (which had ran Dryburgh-Whitfield) but that was on Whitfield rota with the 15/17.

First ; better start November 1994   –https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fp6rll38h4rotq/015%20017%20Dundee%20xxx%20November%201994.pdf?dl=0

As usual with everything in Dundee this had started the day before – unbeknown to me. On the Monday morning I Managed to sleep in for school (before I got insomnia problems resolved) but therefore ended up on a post-9am bus – which then double-ran into Kwiksave. The7/8 and 36/37 had been double running into there since opening – in fact 1987 – after years after with Wm Lows store opened. After a day at St Saviour’s the other 15/17 people onwards Pitkerro Road etc. had shown up on time, so I was asked. I had to explain started the day before / that morning…

Thankfully I was already heading into town to pick up other things, so was able to grab new timetables too.

The next edition 5th November 1995  – https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfzo7wni8yhlwkh/015%20017%20Tayside%20November%201995.pdf?dl=0

This was one of only five to get the revised 12 Hour Clock full colour format, however early 1996 changes had switched blue/white with new style logos – which were of course missing from all five covers. The reason for this change was in parallel with proposed evening cuts that did not happen in the edition (apart from evening 17 becoming every 30 minutes not every 20) with 3/4 Dryburgh – City Centre revised and improved on the Wee Bus rota to use 2 Volvo B6’s including more coverage of the area, including Kilberry Street and going into the Stack Leisure Park (previously only Harefield Road for the B6s which couldn’t negotiate the speed humps there). But otherwise for the main core route, this was simply a timetable change.

The next edition March 1997https://www.dropbox.com/s/7986ngvd6dj4eve/015%20017%20Travel%20Dundee%20March%201997.pdf?dl=0

This was a reprint but by then the company  had changed hands, now as Travel Dundee. This service was the second or third of the three intended for conversion to Volvo B10L/Wright, some with triangle style route branding on the bus itself. The interior was swapped to use the column style for a few years until about 2000. The introduction of low floor buses and a new one day ticket had resulted in passenger growth.

Towards the end of the 2004, 18 Wright Gemini double deckers were delivered to enable 100% low floor coverage on the busiest journeys on key routes. The service was branded Whitfield Hopper with mint green branding on single decks coving panels. December 2004 reprint of a May 2003 timetable shows the branding with one of mu photos on the front cover indicating the stop in Albert Square where I took that picture in late 2004 when they were new.


The final one in this November 2008 – https://www.dropbox.com/s/92pxvk6r7j30o7w/015_017_Nov08.pdf?dl=0

This change saw a one-way loop introduced on all services in Whitfield.
While at deregulation (and for most of 2019) a two-way loop was introduced, this was considerably more controversial given the changes had no return options from Whitfield Shops in the other direction aside from the 88 Sainsbury’s service. While Wm Lows/Kwiksave (by then Somerfield which closed leaving Iceland occupying tiny part of the space)  was removed by then, the service was also providing an extra link to Asda Milton OR Peebles Drive, on alternate journeys.

After only six months services had to be changed back to the former route with most including Peebles Drive sand Asda, however Ninewells Hospital section was reduced to half-hourly. This was further extended to include the Technology Park as well as a new Tesco Extra in South Road.

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