Timetable Thursday – (Dundee) Glens Circular 13/71/6A/202

Timetable Thursday – Glens Circular 13/71/6A/202
This weeks service looks back at a fairly new service, but also one that has had lots of change in a short time.
The service was designed to improve links around the Law area, for areas off the main roads like Lawside Road and Byron Street, went straight up the Hilltown, Kinghorne Road full length, Kenmore Terrace. However following the major changes of May 2000 (and the introduction of the City Loop on many routes) Travel Dundee withdrew their 13/14 around Clepington Road, so the service would also continue to The Glens too, for those within a short walk of the Cleppie, as well as including Alpin Road and Brantwood Avenue (so that the service could provides links to the Post Office without passengers needing to cross the road).
While initially intended to be operating using a wheelchair accessible buses (not universal as they were now) – the Hilltown would rule out most of lift-equipped special school buses, and Darts 310/311 were tried, entering service for a few days before having to change to a one year old Mercedes Vario was allocated instead. The local press included a letter from a wheelchair bound resident who hoped to be able to use the service, who’s complaint to Dundee City Council got the response of “Apply for a taxicard”… For those who question whether DTOA were in the councils pockets in the corruption days of TRC  (Too long a story for here), this gave another rod to stoke that fire. 
Monday-Friday Daytime Off Peak, every hour 09.00 – 15.00 between Kingspark School Service. Initial timetable not currently available but presumably “by local agreement” the first/last started/ended in Dundee City Centre on days when schools were off, despite timetable not showing this. Blind was simply shown as Glens Circular/via Hilltown and Kinghorne Road.
This weeks five timetables are from key dates changing to this service. From Monday 15th September 2002, with the south side of Albert Square in line to be closed to buses, a slightly revised route in the City Centre area (now from Bus Station via City Centre, Albert Square). The order of the points served was changed again too – after Lawton Road, via Byron Street, Brantwood, Glens, Brantwood, Harlow Place, Byron Crescent, in that order, before returning to town. 
2003 saw further changes with an extension to Kingsway West Retail Park from 11th April 2003. This was only a temporary stop next to Toys R Us – literally plonked down on the pavement.  December was meant to be the opening date of the new bus shelter (postponed again at short notice until 2004) as well as seeing further route changes to enhance reliability  – back from FROM Kingsway West Retail Park to City Centre – buses will run via Strathmore Avenue THEN Alpin Road, THEN Brantwood Avenue, Harlow Place then as before to Dundee Bus Station
The next major step for the service was a new route and number – combined with Service 71 (City Centre – Broughty Ferry  – Dobbies Garden Centre from Monday 15th August 2005.
Service 13 was merged with the 71 / 71A (City Centre – Broughty Ferry  – Dobbies Garden Centre) to provide a new cross-city service (13 drivers complaining too much time, 71 not enough – especially when delayed at the level crossing!). The combined service was once again extended to Panmurefield Village, with revised times on most journeys as a result. That timetable can be seen at https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2hkfm1bo02dso7/071%20August%202005.pdf?dl=0  – with one further change 5ht September 2005 to have the first bus from the City Centre to Dobbies run five minutes earlier.
Following the Traction Group (and Strathtay) being acquired by Stagecoach in December 2005 (and subsequent clearance by MMC in Spring 2006) the company was initially just Strathtay before ending up Stagecoach Strathtay a few years later. During 2007 a new series of services was developed for a Dundee network. While most of these were short lived, the service was once again renumbered. An off peak stand alone service became 6A, Monday to Saturday for the first time, and extended past Kingsway via Strathmartine Road, Camperdown Road, then “hail & ride” via Livingstone Terrace, Americanmuir Road, Annandale Avenue, Lauderdale Avenue, Eskdale Avenue, then to Strathmartine Road, to Downfield terminus. 6 was similar but via the full length of Johnstone Avenue and Rankine Street into town via Lochee Road, with some journeys to Strathmartine Hospital and Bridgefoot (some Auchterhouse) with the intent being to replace 137/138/139.  There was a 6A that actually that did not follow any of the main 6A route (in one direction only). From – form Downfield via Bridgefoot, Kirkton of Auchterhouse, Pink Cottages, Sidlaws, Tealing village and Murroes, into town down Forfar Road. Shortly after the main one way trip was registered as part of the 6/6A, two returns to Tealing and Murroes were requested by Angus Council, that were registered as 139. The 6/6A timetable can be seen at https://www.dropbox.com/s/z2nwejg6v6frjt9/006%20006A%206pckt13082007.pdf?dl=0
From 18th August 2008 “Due to recent cutbacks in local authority funding (Even though the 6 was commercial, it was DCC who wanted to replace subsidised bus with DRT) with service 6 withdrawn, and service 6A operating hourly off-peak (Mon to Fri) between the city centre and Downfield only. Angus Council supported services 137,138,139 were re-introduced to serve the area north of Downfield.
While the 6A (and temporary 69 to replace 69 and 72 in one bus) continued pending a Dundee DRT service, this never materialised. During Spring 2011 tenders were drawn up for 4 tendered routes which were;
6 – current 6A but extended to Asda Kirkton and also service Infirmary Brae and Lawside Road following TD withdrawals.
37 – new hourly service from Claverhouse to City Centre via Mill o’ Mains, Fleming Gardens .
69 – new hourly Dobbies – West Ferry with route extended to cover withdrawals from TD and Stagecoach.
72  – two hourly two versions – one following present 69 via Invergowrie Drive but going via Tesco South Road and Gowrie Park to Ninewells, with the other covering most of the 2 to City road then Ancrum Crescent, Tesco South Road and Gowrie Park to Ninewells. All four of these were won by National Express Dundee, who numbered them 202 (tendered as 6), 204/204A (tendered as 72), 206 (tendered as 69) and 208 (tendered a 37.
Going back to the “Glens” Circular this was now 202, Monday-Saturday with an hourly service during the day. Vehicle type Optare Solo/Enviro200 btu later sometimes mixed with Wright StreetLites from 2015. The August 2011 timetable saw a return to Dundee City Council producing leaflets with these also being door dropped by Royal Mail. You can see that one at https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4mrnwtibnz1vse/202_15thAugust2011.pdf?dl=0  .
However with very tight running time, meant that the Trottick end of Harestane Road was chopped, with other changes too.
That was how it was right up to early 2016 when retendering happened.  Strathtay were closing Dundee depot, and surrendered 236, 88 and lost 501 – so more surprising   that the “new” operator was actually Stagecoach Strathtay (by then on the Fife Scottish operators license)! The initial plan was Blairgowrie would do this Monday-Saturday with the dead mileage run in service as an extra 59. However the dead mileage killer did so well that this lead to complaints of overcrowding from Perthshire passengers, and the 202 contract had a maximum capacity of 33 dur to some tight points of the route! – it ended up begun Forfar Monday-Friday (no dead mileage killers for the people of Angus however) with a Saturday still from Blairgowrie. However a year or two later, the entire service became Arbroath, with the same bus doing a couple of Wormit 77Bs before and after.
So from 15th August 2016, the contract passes to Stagecoach Strathtay with one extra round trip in the afternoon (15.10 from Kirkton, 15.40 from City Centre). No changes to the route per the timetable from the Council, however around this time the service started using Bank Avenue and West School Road to take a shortcut between Kingsway West and Strathmartine Road, and by-passing Kingsway Circus.
From 3rd January 2017 the route was changed to remove the unofficial Bank Avenue and Wes t School Road section, reverting to pre-August route.
From 16th August 2021 the service was retendered by Dundee City Council to Moffat and Williamson (St Fort Depot, Mercedes Sprinter / sometimes Optare Solo). Additional journey 08.40 from Ward Road and 16.10 from Kirkton were added at this time. The Lawside area around Campbell Steet/Kinpurnie Terrace removed. Passengers now have to walk uphill for the same bus, despite the initial idea being bring the bus closer to the communities), and the service is diverted to Kilberry Street instead (despite there being a 204 within five minutes of each journey!) Timetable is at  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xl7s233g4cy20t/202%20Dundee%2016th%20August%202021.pdf?dl=0

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