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It’s been a busy few days with old “new” archive timetables left right and centre, alongside me working on a all-services current day Dundee bus map, including services like schools and rural shoppers in Dundee ABC area that don’t qualify for a route map elsewhere, which will assist me with Dundee archive (pronably opter areas to follow too). And a dead monitor a couple of weekends replaced too.

New Stuff Scanned Online Archive Now Ready…

===== NOW ON TWITTER ===== which will start next week. I will be copying these posts alongside the Facebook page and local groups.


Northern 80/81 with subsequent updates as they didn’t print anything south of Aberdeen – already have the book but the subsequent updates are very rare to find like rocking horse…. Got this with 30 or so updates (separately the April 1981 timetable books for two of three Aberdeen areas – Deeside & Donside, Strathspey & Strathbogie (no Banff & Buchan yet 1981 in my collection) _- and Express TT free   with south of Aberdeen advised to use Winter with the updates. Mostly bus bills and photocopies including Grampian services part too. Mostly bus bills and photocopies including Grampian services part too (many foolscap if you wonder why two to a side).

Whoever had this copy has done the Full Suzy with just about every typo and error (and some of the tt changes) appended to the text. A few I would not have spotted. Naturally online search shows Sidlaw Hospital closed 1980 probably why the bus stopped going in that year would make sense.  (Don’t recognise the handwriting as a hairy/enthusiast I know so probably a stance member of staff or sales agent somewhere in Northern area – that settles it down to Peterhead/Elgin south as far as Dundee/Blairgowrie/Braemar… well anyway 80/81 Deeside/Donside and Strathspey/Strathbogie to follow in coming weeks and months

Complete Timetable File is 150mb so suggest downloading  from the directory listing;

Eventually I will add the relevant tables into the area foldersi.e. Grampian, Tayside pre-deregulation etc.

===== EDINBURGH/LOTHIAN 1960s/1970s LEAFLETS =====

Finally got through 1970s Edinburgh / LRT timetable leaflets, with some missing the dates. Anyone able to fill the gaps (and/or point me in the direction of a Network Map from those dates which were thin on the ground) please reply and/or message me. More up to date there is some 1997/1998 Lothian leaflets, with a couple of 2002/2003 (rest to follow 02/03  when I find the bundle of timetables).

You can see these at

===== MCGILLS  (GREENOCK 2001-2021) =====

A Small selection with many more to follow. (Some with recycled paper I bought on a torrentially wet day  = if you wonder why it looks like they’ve started falling apart…) In Strathclyde folder;


Also English stuff has been received with a bundle of 128 – mostly GreenLine with a few LC from 1980s but a few earlier and later – I am scanning though the bundle in batches = roughly in numerical order, so currently Horsham Minis and 290 to one of the 705/706 with more to come. An extra directory can be seen here as well as later adding to the county folders.



The 65/66 Scottish rail (with some buses too) is also in the process of me scanning in small batches – rest of tables to follow

Was thumbing through and certainly an amazing amount of knowledge also at a time when some cuts were being made (Brechin passenger service) but before the full whack of Beeching – also
I guess the same amount of knowledge than one of the SBG/Council timetables of similar years – One that fills another gap with a few things in here I didn’t know!

First part (Introduction) is downloadable from this directory –

– once the other parts are done they will be uploaded too


Also arrived including the Northern/Scottish Bus Group pre-Citylink 1981 stuff was also some stuff like British Coachways timetables, including a Parks-only service, and the full one. Also included is a 1981 Rennies Anglo-Scottish Aberdeen/Dunfermline – Portsmouth/Plymouth express service timetables too. Some more SBG Express leaflets for Scottish areas in the near future.

As these are partially English, find these now at

Suzy xxx

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