Timetable Thursday – Tayside Dundee City Services June 1975

Timetable Thursday – Tayside Dundee City Services June 1975


This timetable – like the last one – swaps things around with five from 1975, where I pick a few services no longer running this time round. When this timetable was happening the council was one year old, with Shore Terrace closed by then too. Other operators could not carry city passengers – with one exception Tayway from 1980 then after that – until deregulation.

7/8 Circular (6 Forthill part route)
This service lasted longer, but at this point it (a few years earlier) into 2009, but with a few changes by then to include an extension from Sinderins into the city – before then City via Douglas etc to Sinderins long way round, with buses reversing into Seymour Street. It was also becoming a useful link from Pentland to the City Centre, as well as the main link to Forthill before the Outer Circle. When 36/37 were introduced this got rid of the Sinderins/Pentland Avenue. IN this timetable off peak was every 15 minutes.

10/11/12 Barnhill
Two less frequency services split at Fort Street, every 26 minutes off peak times. After Fort Street 10 went Monifieth Road then via South Bridge St, Collingwood Street, Balmossie St (Terminate Balmossie St and wait time), then back via Monifieth Road. 11 was Fort Street, Nursery Road, Abertay Street, Hamilton Street,  Montague  Street, to Strathmore Street (wait time at first bus stop). Balmossie Street ceased in 1980 which then Monifieth Road became Tayway – at that time Strathmore St 11 became 4/5/6 and 12 was 5B/6B for the next three years before being merged with the 23/24 to form the Outer Circle.

12 was actually a shopping service for the top end of Balgillo, 3 buses per day, before the Outer Circle. The low frequency is probably in line with most developments along there only a small number of homes compared to now…

13/14 Cross City
This service had not long been extruded to serve Ninewells Hospital, rather than every bus terminating at Camperdown Gate (which was maintained for some works journeys for then West Ind Estate and Dryburgh Industrial Estate). Off peak service was half hourly. The service continued (with changes) until the January 1991 service changes, with all or part of the service returning August 1991 to August 1995 (replaced by 34 and 38), a year from May 1999 to Spring 2000 (replacing 38 and 40 but weekdays only), with Cross City Direct too from 2005 until 2018 wth manyu more cxhanegs laong the way.

25/27 Linlathen/Dryburgh

This service covered Linlathen (Glenconnor Drive circle) via Mid Craigie, Pitkerro Road, City Centre, Lochee Road, Coupar Angus Road to Dryburgh (turn at Linton Road terminus) – off peak was every 24 minutes or so but the Saturday every 10 minutes. Dryburgh was later merged with 3/4 Johnston Ave or Clement Park services, with Mid Craigie and Linlathen later becoming Northern Circular 36/37.

37 Sinderins/40 Ninewells

These services combined to provide buses along Perth Road – Sinderins buses reversed into Seymour Street with 40 turning at Ninewells Circle. The off peak combined service to Sinderins with one bus every 6 minutes, with Ninewells every 24-36 minutes depending on the time of the day plus additional school journeys from Grosvenor Road/Harris Academy.

When far end of Perth Road became 5/6 and extended to Ninewells Hospital via Ninewells Avenue it later in 1983 became Outer Circle. After deregulation I n1986 buses beyond Blackness Library became Strathtay and Stagecoach.

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