Archive Wednesday (15th June) – The Pilots That Crashed

Archive Wednesday – The Pilots That Crashed

Since deregulation (1986) at least five bus services in Tayside were introduced, on a permanent basis, but lasted less than one year. Not including seasonal services i.e. caravan parks, Roadworks shuttles etc or operators who changed from one license to the other, What were they?

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  1. The five I had were…

    Hi Travel (Dundee – Perth nonstop competitive express vs Stagecoach) in early 1990s

    80 (Ballumbie Castle – Dundee direct via Sainsburys car park and B Ferry) JP 2004 a decent link but sadly didn’t generate enough custom

    119A (Banks of Brechin) – JP see below.

    115A (Forresterseat) – JP Part replacement journeys after 127 became 36 removing the direct section between Guthrie/Friockheim to Arbroath BUT these lasted less than

    139 Auchterhouse road end – Auchterhouse (Fishers as part 138 – Also requested but lasted less than one year 1996 or 1997)

    … But three more that I forgot (two by Neil);
    26 GoWild (Gourdie – Dundee) – enough said

    66 (Tayport-Dundee) – David Donald – Dec 2003 to Mar/April 2004

    but then when 44 was guessed reminded me of

    23/24 (Ninewells-City – short lived less than 6 months in 1991 combo of daytime 7/8 and former 13/14) but the extension of 13/14 to Tesco replaced 44

    However also I had not included Bankfoot Buses – so probably another shed load there… largely (1) as he was on the hey diddle diddle and (2) some never happened after being registered, like the Brechin High School service journeys that ended up with a night service in-between Flicks contact journeys by Merlin’s Ark.

    44 Tesco Riverside lasted from April 1990 to June 1991 and 39 Gauldry Arb was split in two once again. 360 September 18 ended up being just over one year.

    Incidentally the 119A Always makes me giggle. Two passenger journeys in total throughout the trial – not per day but IN TOTAL. And neither of them were me or Tails… Mind you even more funny is that the service later became commercial as part of the part tendered/part commercial Brechin Town Service 34, and continues to this date.

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