Timetable Thursday – Dundee 9x/10x

Timetable Thursday – Dundee 9x/10x

This week also includes a fairly recent addition to the Dundee network. At deregulation Tayside never operated west of Sinderins/Blackness Library along Perth Road other than school buses, until January 1995 saw introduction of Services 9B/10B peak time buses further along Perth Road. They used Broughty Ferry Road and Dundee Road in the east. At the same time Services 7X/8X were introduced three buses in morning, four in afternoon, linking the heart of Broughty Ferry and Dundee City Centre also at peak times, from January 1995. From August 1995 they were changed to run all stops, but November saw the reduction of 7X/8X to one bus home , and two peak 9X/10X journeys extended to Barnhill using a minibus running to/from Fintry-Kwiksave new services 45/46. This left Broughty Ferry over the humped-back bridge on King Street, but this was later changed to use the Level Crossing (because of a weak bridge and later larger buses). See timetable at  https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5l67mwpkibxzn5/007X%20008X%20Tayside%204th%20August%201996%20008X%20009X%20010X%2011th%20November%201996.pdf?dl=0 .

When Tayside changed hands in early 1997, new low floor buses and further ticket deals like DaySaver and Direct Debit made their launch on a more wider basis. It was February 1998 when 9x/10x was introduced all day on a cross-city basis, non-stop Strathern Road to Seagate then full length of Perth Road then bottom of Ninewells Avenue. The service used the bottom access road to enter the hospital (hence limited to single decks and minibuses), leaving hospital via Ninewells Road. The bus was half hourly six days a week during the working day. The service did well vs Strathtay on Perth Road as well as their Service 69A/69C. See timetable at https://www.dropbox.com/s/3d6jet1khdhqdkn/009X%20010X%20Travel%20Dundee%20February%201998.pdf?dl=0

. As part of the 1999 timetable tweaks some additional peak time trips were added to the timetable, replacing some of the 9A/10A serviced.

In the early 2000 Service Changes, the services changed to include the Tech Park, replacing what was left of 9b/10b (1 trip), with a Sunday service provided there by changing 5/6. The service towards Barnhill via Tech Park and got there through Gowrie Park, also providing them with their first all day bus service. This expansion together with some school loads requiring bigger buses resulted when November 1997 saw three Volvo B6LE’s (162-164) two B10Ls for the busier trips  (147/148) as part of Dundee’s first showcase route. With yellow branding the service was known as The Ferry Link.

Other than timetable changes, the next significant changes was 4th April 2004 when the Broughty Ferry traffic management effectively reversed 9X/10X route in the central ‘ferry to now follow to Barnhill along Brook St, toward s Ninewells via Gray Street, King Street and Fort Street to Brook Street. At that time 3 buses were required, with a couple extra oif short journeys in the weekday peak. See timetable (the old me has a photo on the cover!) at https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bsqe78oiyvu7vw/009X%20010X%20Travel%20Dundee%204th%20April%202004%20v1%20first%20edition%20with%20bus%20broughty%20ferry%20level%20crossing.pdf?dl=0

In November 2006, the service was doubled during the day to every 15 minutes all day.

In addition effectively an extra bus was added for this, as the vehicle requirement went from 3 off peak to 7 all day. The 15minute frequency (plus 7/8 and 9/10/11/12 half hourly) was highly popular. Additional ex Capital Logistics Optare Excels (via Travel London) were acquired with some branded for the route. However the branding colour changes to metallic silver grey and dark blue, with a new ship and style branding pattern introduced. See the timetable at

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8832emm8qtwaber/009X%20010X%20Travel%20Dundee%206th%20November%202006.pdf?dl=0  .

While the timetable does not include the colour of the branding, there is an A5 flyer (the one on the right) you can see here at https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulf1lqsx1mg8rbh/9X%2010X%20and%205%20flyers%20November%202006%20doubling%20service%20and%205%20fare%20promo%20Feb%202011.pdf?dl=0 .

After two years in November 2008, the service was dropped to every 15 minutes to Barnhill and half hourly to Ninewells Hospital, with buses in both directions numbered Service 9X. See the timetable at https://www.dropbox.com/s/futscemvnf5xdwy/009X%20Travel%20Dundee%202nd%20November%202008.pdf?dl=0  .

A year later a new 8X was been introduced via Riverside Drive and Dundee Road, with the services 8X and 9X being renumbered 5A/5B, with the route now mostly covered on Services 5.

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